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Comprehensive PPC Campaign Management That Gives You The Most Bang For Your Buck!

At SearchBerg, we have perfected the art of productive Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management for small and medium size companies. We are in the business of making money for our clients through PPC; a quintessential element of a successful digital marketing strategy in today’s extremely competitive market.

With certified experts monitoring campaigns around the clock and backed by cutting edge technology that detects, predicts and adapts to emerging online trends, we provide our clients a rewarding, faile-safe, positive PPC experience.

PPC Campaign Management

Round the Clock Campaign Monitoring by Certified Adwords Specialists

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a very technical concept in itself which makes managing an entire PPC campaign an exceedingly difficult and demanding task; one that should never be left for untrained individuals. The stakes are always very high in PPC with real money on the line and every clientwantingthe same thing; to maximize ROI. At SearchBerg, we understand the importance of training and certification which is why all our PPC experts are Google Adwords Certified. They have extensive knowledge and practical experience in managing small and large scale campaigns. We maintain a full-time staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep up with the ever-changing, ever-increasing, ever-demanding requirements of today’s competitive market.

Round the Clock Campaign Monitoring by Certified 
Adwords Specialists

Daily Campaign Optimisation

24 Hour Monitoring means daily campaign optimisation and adjustment. This is what you are paying us for; to be there to capitalize on an emerging trend or make changes to safeguard the campaign from any losses. We keep an eagle eye out and analyze all activities occurring within a PPC Campaign. This allows us to make optimal changes to your campaign. This includes:

  • Bid Optimisation

    Daily bid optimisation to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

  • Negative Keywords

    Identifying keywords that are harmful to the campaign and eliminating them from the equation.

  • New Keywords

    Looking for new keywords that can bring conversions and adding them to the fold to yield a much more productive, and financially lucrative campaign.

Daily Campaign Optimisation

Cutting Edge Click Fraud Detection And Prevention System

By far the game-changer, the deal sealer and the stand out feature of our brand, is the fraud detection and prevention system we have in place. Itis light years ahead compared to what’s currently being offered by competitors. The technology we use, plays a key role in making sure little to no investment is lost in fake clicks and that you get to make the most of your PPC investment. The fraud detection countermeasures we have in place are always running. They detect unusual, unethical activity and take appropriate action to ensure your daily campaign budget is not wasted on fake clicks.This feature has been graciously endorsed and praised by our clients.

Fraud Detection And
Prevention System

Weekly and Monthly Campaign Reporting

No PPC Campaign is complete without proper reporting. Part of our process includes keeping clients informed via extensive reporting that they can easily understand and factor in their decision making. To facilitate that objective, SearchBerg will send you reports on a weekly basis followed by a comprehensive report outlining all monthly activity. The results we deliver are easy to understand and you can easily verify them through Google Adwords.

Weekly Campaign Reporting

Our PPC Service Makes Sense!

At SearchBerg, we really believe we have the complete PPC package. Our PPC processes are not designed to meet existing standards; they sets new ones. There are no contractual obligations or hidden fees. We want your experience with SearchBerg to be as rewarding as your PPC Campaign.

More importantly, we want you to utilize PPC to its full potential to generate revenue from your website. Our team of Adwords Certified individuals will set up your campaign from scratch or optimise your existing one for maximum revenue. From Keyword Research and Ads Creation to Adwords Setup and Campaign Launch, we will take care of your campaign every step of the way.

Let us work on your PPC campaign! Start your PPC campaign today. Contact SearchBerg at 02030-341-132 or fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch with your shortly.


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