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Invest In Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design Services To Take Your Website To The Next Level!

As many as 94% of visitors judge a website based on how responsive its design is; and you best believe that this has massive implications for conversions.

Coupled with the fact that 72% of users want mobile-friendly sites and the fact that 50% of e-commerce revenue comes from mobile, investing in these optimizations is a given.

Has your Google SERP ranking taken a nosedive in the last few years?

Are conversions low despite organic traffic being at an all-time high?

Are the traffic demographics on your years-old website shifting to mobile rapidly?

All of these cases warrant complete mobile revamps of your website, but even in their absence, doing so has become essential.

Search engines actively de-emphasize desktop-first websites, so allow the professionals at Search Berg to optimize your website for a mobile-first web.

We leverage powerful, flexible technologies that allow us to create adaptive websites that change with the devices that customers access them on. Wherever your customers are, so is your content.

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Why You Need to Invest in Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design

  • Google ensures that top results are mobile-first, or at least mobile-optimized
  • 70% of mobile users take action within an hour of finding a relevant mobile website
  • 88% of online consumers don’t come back after a bad website experience
  • A customer-focused, device agnostic strategy—target people, not devices
  • Integrate phone, map, and other mobile-centric features for quicker conversions
  • Leverage mobile users’ higher engagement to serve them more relevant content
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What Do You Get With Our Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design Services?

Responsive, mobile-friendly design is the key to getting to the top of SERP results. Here are some of the many benefits you get when you hire Search Berg for mobile-friendly design.

<h4>Modern Technologies</h4>

Modern Technologies

Take advantage of an adaptive web

<h4>Faster Load Speeds/Response Times</h4>

Faster Load Speeds/Response Times

Compress elements, remove code complexity

<h4>UI/UX Familiarity</h4>

UI/UX Familiarity

Drive conversions due to ease of use across platforms

<h4>Limit Development Expenses</h4>

Limit Development Expenses

One-time investment across multiple customer touchpoints

<h4>Unified Analytics</h4>

Unified Analytics

Track holistic or segmented analytics for granular interventions

<h4>Same Content, Different Audience</h4>

Same Content, Different Audience

Maximize the reach of your content

<h4>Boost Engagement</h4>

Boost Engagement

Allow users to jump between devices for browsing continuity

<h4>Increased Traffic</h4>

Increased Traffic

Get seen on SERPs due to mobile-first ranking factors

<h4>Seamless Site Updates</h4>

Seamless Site Updates

Make changes that reflect across devices

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With more than 10 years in the SEO industry, we have hundreds of satisfied clients. Read the testimonials below and see what they have to say about our work.

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Our Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design Portfolio!

Our web design service help businesses modernize their web presence to reflect emerging trends.

Check out the clients and industries we’ve worked on.

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  • Business
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  • Real Estate
  • shopping
  • technology
  • other

Check Out Some In-Depth Client Case Studies That Showcase Our Results-Driven Approach

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Invest In Interoperable, Mobile-Friendly Web Design Services That Simplify Processes, Boost SERP Rankings, And Improve Customer Experience!

Leverage technologies such as fluid grids and adaptive images, simplify your codebase, and improve your site load speeds.

The mobile web has taken over, making it essential for businesses to ensure that their digital presence is optimized for these new exigencies.

Responsive, mobile-friendly design allows your brand to build a cohesive aesthetic, lower the learning curve for consumers across devices, and bolster conversions in the long-term. Coupled with the site load speed optimizations that are inherent to mobile design, and you have a recipe for SERP and business success.

Our team of web experts keeps up with changing consumer needs and new technologies, leveraging its years of coding expertise to weave beautiful and beyond useable websites across every platform.

With us, consumers will experience familiarity wherever they interact with your brand, leading to a seamless experience that funnels them toward taking all your desired business actions.

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