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Are you a small or mid-sized business looking for SEO services in Glasgow? Search Berg is offering a range of SEO services that are suited to your needs.

We are a full-service SEO marketing company offering services in Urban and Metro Glasgow, working to help businesses expand their reach, generate greater profits, and build a stronger online presence.

We work on customizing your strategy and tailoring it to your exact needs. The goal is beyond just putting your business out there—we want your business to stand out as an authority in your industry.

This is achieved through cohesive, strategic planning and planning, using data-backed and on-trend ideas to create a multi-faceted and diverse strategy. You're a unique business with a unique service or product, and we want your audiences and clients to know that too. Our SEO services in Glasgow are centred around your unique selling points and bring a highly customized approach. Our SEO consultancy focuses on the following:


Content Driven SEO

What sets Search Berg apart as an SEO marketing company in Glasgow is our content-driven approach to your public persona and image. We help create unique, specific, and value-laden content so that your readers and audiences gain more from engaging with it.
This is not only good for link-building and lead generation, two core tenets of our services, ... but it's also a great way to encourage the algorithm to rank you higher on SERPs. We create blog posts, press releases, infographics, videos, and much more for third-party platforms, directories, and your own website and social media pages through a well-thought-out, well-rounded content strategy
Search Berg's SEO experts are specialized in organic SEO, which is what you want to bring in more of. Rather than buying leads, faking following counts, and falsifying numbers, we believe in creating such an airtight strategy that people are drawn to your page automatically. Rest assured that your content will be cohesive and relevant—we have some of the top content strategists and creators working in-house to deliver top-tier material.

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Results-Oriented Strategy

Speaking of numbers, we're an SEO company that believes in transparency, honesty, and giving our clients honest insights into our work. That's why we consistently provide insights, reports, and regular updates on your rankings, progress, and performance. Our strategies are formulated based on what's trending in the industry, different markers and standards of progress, and changes to SERP algorithms, which means you can rest assured that everything we do is results-oriented. ... With over a decade of experience in the industry, we ascertain that any solutions and innovations we offer you are coming from a place of knowledge, experience, and trial and error. We've perfected our method and approach to SEO services in Glasgow and other places across the UK, knowing how to target audiences looking at consumer behaviour and trends, in-depth market research, and the use of powerful tools and analytics.

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Salient Features Of Our Client Dashboard:

24/7 Traffic Updates

Log in any time to see your latest website rankings, web traffic stats, demographics and Google Analytics data.

Activities Reporting

An eagle-eye view of all SEO & website activities for sit. Monitor daily, weekly and monthly progress and results.

Keyword Rankings

Get the latest weekly Google rankings for your selected keywords and search terms.

Social Media Updates

No more tedious typing. Leave an audio feedback or query about the project at the tip of a button!

Timely Updated

Up to the minute HTML, Hosting and domain details, backlink reports and Google Analytics data.

Audio Feedback Feature

No more tedious typing. Leave an audio feedback or query about the project at the tip of a button!

Get More Traffic, Calls & More Sales!


Guaranteed Growth Over Time

The more consistent your SEO strategy is, the more growth you're likely to see in a shorter period. The initial phase often includes upgrades to your existing strategy and robust analysis of gaps and issues. Our SEO experts perform backlink audits, website reviews and audits, competitor analyses, and other extensive views and evaluations to provide insights into where you require the most work

We do all this and more so that when we create a new strategy, it's doing damage control for issues like poor quality backlinks and boosting your rankings and performance. This allows your business to grow and be recognized as an industry expert and leader, sharing important updates, news, tips, information, and insights into what's relevant and current. The work we do is meant to be less of a quick fix and more of a long-term growth and development strategy, with continued results over some time.

Hiring our SEO service in Glasgow is the biggest and best decision you can make as a business owner, and we're here to assist you at every step of the way.

What Our Clients Say



Vapoholic is a UK e-commerce outlet that sells nicotine shots and salts, e-liquids, vape kits, and CBD liquids. They’re known for their high-quality products, stellar customer service, and prompt delivery.

Despite raving reviews that boasted of their premium-quality products, Vapoholic struggled to attract more customers and rank high on Google’s search engine result pages. They needed a digital marketing partner to drive organic traffic to their website from all fronts.

Search Berg stepped in to conduct a thorough assessment of Vapoholic’s existing marketing strategy. Upon identifying shortcomings in their existing methods, we focused our efforts on elements that would put Vapoholic on the digital map. We employed a comprehensive SEO strategy that included global link building efforts and using region-specific keywords to target multiple geographical territories.

The result? Vapoholic now enjoys a higher ranking on Google’s SERPs, with international customers visiting their e-commerce site every day!


Steve's Gutters

Steve’s Gutters specialises in gutter maintenance, installation, and cleaning in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Northamptonshire. They work with a team of trained and professional technicians to offer high-quality gutter installation and maintenance services for commercial and residential clients.

Steve’s Gutters had clear-cut marketing goals from the start – they targeted a market niche and wanted to become a prominent contender in their industry. However, achieving those goals through conventional marketing methods was futile. To attract more customers and boost their online presence, they partnered up with Search Berg!

Sure enough, our SEO strategy that employed backend optimisation, website optimisation, link building, and content marketing methods generated immediate results for Steve’s Gutters. They now rank as number one for several industry-relevant keywords on Google’s search engine results, have a compelling brand image, and generate more mobile traffic than ever!


123 Connect

123Connect is a UK-based web hosting and web design company with 15+ years in the industry. Their team monitors website performance and provides solutions to server-related issues for their clients – to transform client websites into highly-responsive platforms.

Despite the high demand for web hosting and design services in today’s day and age, 123Connect struggled to stand out among its competitors. They needed to establish themselves as an authority in the industry by creating a compelling online presence.

To achieve all this, 123Connect got in touch with Search Berg. We conducted a thorough competitor analysis to identify gaps in the industry’s digital marketing trends and used these insights to create a fool-proof SEO strategy for 123Connect.

We used content marketing, local listings optimisation, and conversion-boosting efforts to drive traffic to 123Connect’s website. Our social media marketing experts also diverted organic traffic from multiple channels to their website—and now, they rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs for several competitive keywords!

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