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eBay Marketing
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Target More Customers and Watch Your E-Commerce Business Grow!

eBay Marketing

Struggling to reach a wide consumer base and actively sell your products?

Looking for ways to rank higher on eBay product search results?

With over 182 million users, eBay is a goldmine for e-commerce businesses.

The catch?

Competition is fierce. If you don’t update, optimize, and promote your listing, you could end up losing out on a lot of potential buyers.

We make sure that doesn’t happen.

Our eBay marketing specialists create winning strategies to help clients stand out from the crowd, maximize reach, and make impressive sales. By minimizing costs and maximizing returns, we make sure your business benefits in every way possible.

Why eBay Advertising Is Important

  • 34.9%

    of all U.S. mobile users use the eBay app

  • 70%

    percent of eBay’s traffic comes from the US

  • 16%

    shoppers say they shop on eBay about once a week or more

What eBay Marketing Services do we offer?

We create an individualized eBay marketing roadmap for each client. By prioritizing audience reach and engagement, rankings, sales, and retention, we make sure your listing gets seen, and that it’s talked about.

Here’s a glimpse into our game plan:

Target Audience Research

We refine your target audience and collect industry insights to determine the right strategy for your business. From running competitor analyses to gauging consumer preferences, we go the extra mile to ensure strategy relevance.

eBay Store Set-Up and Optimization

Based on our research, we set up and optimise your eBay listing. From maximizing testimonials to working towards eligibility for eBay top rated seller status, we use a wide range of effective and actionable optimisation tactics.

Promotions Manager

We use eBay’s in-built tool—Promotions Manager—to incentivize buyers with special discounts and coupons. Each strategy is finalized with the client beforehand. These strategies improve product visibility and maximize sales.

Email and Off-Site Marketing

We use email and off-site strategies to promote your listing. From sharing it on social media to advertising through third-party platforms like Google Ads, we make sure your listing rises on eBay product search results.

Complete Listing Management

Our eBay marketing specialists oversee each aspect of the campaign. We make changes accordingly and ensure everything from the design to optimisation runs seamlessly.

Analysis and Reporting

We analyse the results and prepare a monthly performance report for clients. This helps you track the progress made and share your feedback.

Business Promotional Strategies for eBay Advertising

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05

Create an eBay store

You can build, manage and promote yourstore. You also get design, marketing, and reporting features to track progress.


Increase Visibility

Create customised ads and position them in prominent locations on eBay. You only pay when you make a sale!


Use the Promotions Manager Tool

Incentivize shoppers to spend more on your store with discounts and coupons.


Link to social media

Make your products shareable on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram!


Sell nationally or globally

A national and global reach to enhance sales.

Struggling to Create Buzz Around Your Products? We Can Help!

Call us at 44-20-3840-9966 to kick-start your eBay marketing campaign!

Invest in eBay Promoted Listings

eBay Marketing

eBay’s paid advertising service—eBay Promoted Listings—is a great option for businesses that are looking to gain an edge on the platform. With a high ROI, sellers can increase product visibility and make impressive sales.

Compared to regular listings, Promoted Listings usually appear in the 4th and 5th spaces of product search results on eBay.

The “sponsored” sign appears above each title of the promoted product.

Promoted Listings get an additional 30% boost in views.

It’s no surprise that a whopping 940,000 sellers use the feature!

At Search Berg, we can help you create and optimise Promoted Listings and rise to the top search results.

The outcome? More clicks, more conversions, and impressive sales!

Key Benefits of eBay Promoted Listings

Become More Visible
on the Platform

Cut through the noise! Watch your listing become more discoverable and visible.

Pay Only for

Cut through the noise! Watch your listing become more discoverable and visible.

Seamless Set-Up and

At Search Berg, we make things much easier with hassle-free set-up and management. We’ll take care of all the complexities so you’re all set!


Promoted Listings yield impressive and sustainable results that help position e-commerce businesses as the leading names in their respective industries. Achieve your targets, set new goals, and ensure long-term growth.

Kick-Start Your eBay Promoted Listings Campaign!

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Why You Need to Invest in eBay Marketing

  • Three out of ten US mobile users use the eBay app
  • Target buyers from 190 markets
  • Systematic seller protection limits your losses
  • Use promotions and discounts to attract consumers
  • Direct traffic to your other platforms for long-term success
  • Benefit from platform-specific discovery features—free shipping, grouped listings, etc.

Read Our Client Testimonials!

With more than 10 years in the SEO industry, we have hundreds of satisfied clients. Read the testimonials below and see what they have to say about our work.

For more Search Berg reviews, click here and also check us out our Google reviews and Sitejabber reviews.

Is Your Listing Getting Less and Less Visible Every Day?

Our eBay Marketing Services Can Help Turn Things Around! Call us at 44-20-3840-9966

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E-Commerce SEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

eBay marketing includes a series of processes that help your listing become more visible on the platform.

Optimizing and actively promoting your listing is a great way to rank higher for product search results, reach a wide target audience, and maximize sales. With a high ROI, sellers can achieve great results with low investments.

The online e-commerce platform allows sellers to list their products and generate sales. Products from any industry—new or used—can be sold on eBay. Sellers can select the payment methods, shipment options, price range, and return policy, among other key aspects.

From sharing your eBay listing on social media to advertising through third-party platforms like Google Ads, there are many ways you can excel promotion. At Search Berg, we make things much easier by actively promoting your listing using actionable strategies.

If you’re ready to get started, we can help you out! Click here to request a free proposal. Our eBay marketing specialists will get in touch with you shortly.

Yes, promoting your listings is a great way to reach a wide audience and give your products a boost in visibility. If your product category is extremely competitive, promoting your listing can help you rank higher on eBay search result pages.

At Search Berg, we use actionable strategies to help clients increase sales on eBay, including leveraging promoted listings campaigns, using high-volume keywords, sharing the listing on social media, etc.

If you’re interested in auctioning your products and making consumer to consumer sales, eBay marketing is for you. Whether you’ve already signed up on the platform or are considering doing so, we can help you market your listing for better reach and sales.

Creating a winning eBay marketing strategy requires extensive experience and expertise. Perhaps you aren’t using the right optimisation strategies. We’ll take a look at your current strategy and revise it to maximize reach and sales.

If your products aren’t getting any views, they’re not showing up on eBay search result pages. We can help optimise your listing to improve eBay search rankings.

Struggling to Get People Talking About Your Products? Let eBay Marketing Do the Trick!

eBay Marketing

Tap into eBay’s Promotions Manager, Global Shipping Program, Grouped Listings, and more to dominate the platform

The average visitor spends eight minutes on eBay; eight minutes that are spent on the site with high purchase intent.

This is evident in the 1.5 million eBay packages that are sent out to US consumers daily!

eBay is the platform for value-driven customers who love convenience and fast service. This makes it ideal for small businesses that want to establish a foothold in the e-commerce world.

At Search Berg, we help you with every aspect of your eBay store; from setting it up to populating it with SEO-optimised product listings and copy that gets you to the top of search results. Our goal is to establish your brand as a top seller on the platform, creating both credibility and qualified leads!

We go above and beyond, augmenting your eBay presence with social media management that ensures that your store is visible across all your platforms.

The end result is to not just create an eBay store, but to create a brand that has a lasting impact on customers’ lives.

Get started today!

eBay Marketing

Your eBay Listing Is Waiting to Be Transformed…

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