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Did You Know?

  • 54%

    of website users research products/services on social media before making a purchase online

  • 71%

    of customers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to their friends/family

  • 73%

    of marketers agree that social media marketing has been very effective for their business

  • 89%

    of marketers use Facebook for branding purposes

What Do You Get With Our Social Media Management Services?

Social media has quickly become the next big thing when it comes to online marketing.


At Search Berg, we use actionable strategies to help your business reach a wide audience, generate more sales, and build an impressive brand identity. Here’s a glimpse into our approach:

Content Creation

We create high-quality content focused to promote your products and services, engage your audience and build brand loyalty.

Hyper-Targeted Posts

Each post is planned and written with your target audience in mind to maximize reach and engagement.

Lead Automation

At Search Berg, we use specialized social media marketing strategies to ensure long-term results, as opposed to temporary, lead generation.

Active Posting and Sharing

We create a posting and sharing schedule to ensure your social media pages are always updated with engaging, value-additive, and conversion-driven content. Each post is actively shared to increase reach and drive sales.

Ad Versatility

Depending on the scope of your project, we use a wide range of social media ads for improved engagement. Our team specializes in creating and running carousel ads, video ads, collection ads, and more.

Positive Branding

We adopt an empathetic and good-humored approach when engaging your audience to ensure positive branding. From commenting on posts to responding to messages, we reflect your brand’s personality to strengthen brand identity and recall.

Custom Post Designs

Our social media posts are meticulously designed to ensure powerful aesthetic appeal. We follow themes, use brand-relevant colors and fonts, create compelling graphics, and ensure originality to keep your audience hooked.

Grow Your Business With Winning Social Media Management

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Affordable Social Media Management Services At Your Fingertips!

Our pricing is competitive and we also offer monthly deliverables to ensure you can share quality content with your audience without pause.

£149/month £99/month
Monthly Deliverables
  • 3 Facebook Posts (upto 200 words)
  • 3 Twitter Posts w/Hashtags
  • 3 Instgram Posts
  • 2 Blog Posts (upto 400 words)
  • Royalty Free Images Included

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£299/month £199/month
Monthly Deliverables
  • 4 Facebook Posts (upto 200 words)
  • 4 Twitter Posts w/Hashtags
  • 4 Instgram Posts
  • 3 Blog Posts (upto 400 words)
  • Royalty Free Images Included
  • 1 Infographic

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Monthly Plans Available
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Social Media Setup
£149 £99
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • 10 Facebook Posts
  • Twitter Profile Creation
  • 10 Twitter Posts
  • Instagram Profile Creation
  • 10 Instagram Posts

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We Let Our Numbers Do All The Talking!

Our clients are our success stories. Our team of social media management experts has worked with countless businesses across diverse industries. Here’s a glimpse into the impressive transformations we’ve brought about over the past few years!

Our Social Media Management Services At A Glance

Are Your Social Media Pages Collecting Dust?
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Why You Need Social Media Management Services

  • Improved audience reach, engagement, and retention
  • Strong brand identity
  • Local brand awareness
  • Increased conversions
  • Enhanced brand recall
  • Better rankings on social media result pages and Google search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Long-term lead generation

Read Our Client Testimonials!

With more than 10 years in the SEO industry, we have hundreds of satisfied clients. Read the testimonials below and see what they have to say about our work.

For more Search Berg reviews, click here and also check us out our Google reviews and Sitejabber reviews.

Social Media Management That Drives Conversions!
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Our Featured Content on Social Media Management

To read more featured content on our social media marketing strategy, please visit our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media management is the process of increasing business reach and engagement by running conversion-driven social media pages. It involves social media marketing, which focuses on creating content for, optimising, and promoting social media pages.

90% of all U.S. businesses use social media. However, not all of them enjoy impressive growth and sales. Expert social media management helps businesses implement winning strategies that increase conversions and help build brand identity.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the top social media platforms today.

Small businesses can benefit the most from social media management. Creating and optimising high-quality pages is a great way to hit the ground running and build a wide audience.

Social media marketing includes a wide range of key processes, including creating and posting high-quality content, responding to customers, advertising, sharing posts, and more.

Social media is a very competitive landscape. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, you could easily get lost in it. At Search Berg, we research your industry and target audience to determine the right social media management strategy for follower growth. As your project continues, you’ll notice a steady increase in page followers, likes, comments, impressions, and clicks.

Social media advertising involves creating, posting, and sharing ads on social media. At Search Berg, we offer expert social media advertising services with a high ROI.

On average, social media management costs £1000–£5000 per month. At Search Berg, our services start at £199.

Depending on the scope of your project, it may take 1–2 months before you see measurable results from social media marketing. However, in some cases, it may take sooner.

Ready to kick-start your social media management plan? Click here to request a free proposal.

Build Consumer Trust And Get Noticed Online! Our Social Media Marketing Services Can Make It Happen.

Social Media Management

With 3.5 billion users across multiple platforms, social media is the next frontier in the world of digital marketing. Couple that with the fact that these platforms are built from the ground up for sophisticated tracking and analytics, and you have a recipe for business success!

Whether you’re running a small business or a large company, being able to drive engagement on social media platforms can be beyond lucrative, with many qualified leads on the line.

Search Berg’s social media marketing strategy—whether it’s social media account management, social media paid advertising, community management or influencer marketing—revolves around getting people buzzing about your brand and turning that buzz into traffic & revenue!

We make followers out of your clients and fans out of your followers.

Social Media Pages That Drive Customers In Hordes!

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